Brands to make you smile: A Showcase of Dentist Logos

I always keep an eye on logos while traveling around Adelaide and one thing that always tickles me is how dentists brand themselves. I rarely notice a dentist logo that isn’t tooth-related, so I thought I’d do some googling to see what the spectrum actually is. Teeth based dentist logos The obvious choice for a […]

A showcase of escape room logos

Escape room companies use a wide variety of motifs and themes in their logos. We’ve pulled together logos from around the world, for real escape rooms, virtual escape rooms, and escape room games. Pure typography People Keys and keyholes An obvious motif, and one that is used pretty often. Amazing Mazes Detectives Other icons At-home […]

A showcase of Queer Organisation logos

As part of our recent branding project for a local queer organisation, we did a lot of research on LGBTIQ+ organisations around the world. Never one to hoard knowledge, below is some of our research. When looking at groups like this, there are obviously going to be commonalities and trends. While some of the brands […]