A showcase of escape room logos

Escape room companies use a wide variety of motifs and themes in their logos. We’ve pulled together logos from around the world, for real escape rooms, virtual escape rooms, and escape room games. Pure typography People Keys and keyholes An obvious motif, and one that is used pretty often. Amazing Mazes Detectives Other icons At-home […]

A showcase of Queer Organisation logos

As part of our recent branding project for a local queer organisation, we did a lot of research on LGBTIQ+ organisations around the world. Never one to hoard knowledge, below is some of our research. When looking at groups like this, there are obviously going to be commonalities and trends. While some of the brands […]

A breakdown of pride flags and symbols

We’re working on a branding project for an LGBTIQ+ organisation this week, and needed to formalise some of research. Here it is! Queer symbols & icons Rainbows When designing the traditional pride flag, Gilbert Baker saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky. He adopted eight colors for the stripes, each color with […]

Quickie accessibility checks because David is a nerd

While browsing the web this morning, with a million tabs (as usual), I stumbled upon a local council website that would easily fail most accessibility checks. I started wondering how many of these sites I had open would realistically pass accessibility tests, so I did some quickie contrast tests. Surprising absolutely nobody, only one passed […]

Digital Barn’s Queensland Museum Crawl

Once a month, Adam and I get together and visit the cultural precinct in Adelaide to see all of the new exhibits. Well this month, Drew, Adam and I were in Queensland for a very special gallery crawl. Stop 1:Queensland Police Museum With our work with the South Australian Police Historical Society restarting, I knew […]

Under the Floorboards

Under the Floorboards is a great RPG that drops players into the world of floor folk, tiny humanoids that live in your house without you knowing. If you’re having trouble picturing it, think The Borrowers (1997). I backed Under the Floorboards on Kickstarter as part of ZineQuest 2020, and finally ran it with Adam and […]

A rehash of #hashtags

Hashtags have been around for so long that they are now a uniquitous aspect of the Internet, but they weren’t always so. This week is the anniversary of the first ever hashtag use on Twitter. Way back on August 23rd, 2007, Chris Messina proposed using the pound sign as a way of grouping conversations. It […]