Brands to make you smile: A Showcase of Dentist Logos

I always keep an eye on logos while traveling around Adelaide and one thing that always tickles me is how dentists brand themselves. I rarely notice a dentist logo that isn’t tooth-related, so I thought I’d do some googling to see what the spectrum actually is.

Teeth based dentist logos

The obvious choice for a dentist is to grab a tooth and slap a name next to it. I’m happy to say there are plenty of logos here that are actually quite nice. We’re seeing some nice typography and some very stylish teeth.

My favourite of the teeth logos is Dental Matters in Torrensville. It’s a D! Made of teeth!

Smiley dentist logos

The other thematic option is the big ol’ smile. There are a few logos that do really nice things with integrating smiles into their logo designs.

Everything else

If these are tooth-related, I don’t get it. Still nice, though.

And the winner is…

I know, I never said this was a competition. To be fair, it wasn’t a competition until I saw the logo for the Beachside Dental Studio. It’s a beautiful concept!






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