We took a dog trainer to see Dogs at the South Australian Museum

It may have taken us a couple of months, but we finally found time to check out Dogs: A story of man’s best friend at the South Australian Museum. Not ones to pass up an opportunity, we decided to go along with Scott from Canine Connect.

The Adelaide Museum current has an exhibition called ‘Dogs: A story of our best friend’. So of course we had to pop in to have a look but also for another special little reason as our beloved Kato Potato makes an appearance on one of the information screens ?

Scott from Canine Connect

Despite seeing parts of the gallery when we were installing the touchscreens we designed, I was still surprised how much the exhibition covered. There was a great cross-section of biology, history, art and pop culture.

Scott’s husky, Kato, appears alongside a story about the sensitivity of dogs noses

Things to touch and do

There are some really cool interactive elements in the space, like the 3D printed skulls of various dogs. It was interesting to be able to hold the pieces and look at similarities and differences between the large and small breeds. This is a great use of 3D tech in a gallery space, and the pieces were impressively detailed.

3D printed skulls of various dogs enabled visitors to touch and explore more than you’d expect

Before you head in, make sure to download the Zappar app on your phone. Whenever you see the Tjanpi dog symbol, aim Zappar at it and it will pop up with cool trivia and tidbits.

What breed is right for you?

A personal highlight was seeing Scott complete the “What breed is right for you?” quiz we designed and got the perfect answer.

This quiz asks visitors questions about training, accommodation, family, and pets and then recommends a dog breed that would work for them. After completing the quiz, Scott’s recommendation was a Tibetan Mastiff.

Pictured below is Scott and Jussi, the Tibetan Mastiff that Scott and his team have dedicated the last months training and recuperating. Seems like a perfect result to me 😉

Easter Eggs for all

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good easter egg, so I got excited when Scott pointed out the little dogs that were hidden around the gallery. When you check it out see how many you can find!





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