BrainHackr Board Game Café

Website and promotions for a board game cafe with style and quirk

We spent 5 years supporting BrainHackr with social posts, website development, illustration, and more. Here’s our showcase of 5 years of BrainHackr.


The BrainHackr website housed a full (but simple) booking system, an online shop, and a database of all 500+ games in the library.

Online store

Booking System


Mobile Friendly

In-store signage and promos

We spent time each week creating a myriad of graphics to promote the cafe.

  • In-store signage
  • Game night promos
  • Food & beverage promos
  • Engagement graphics
  • Sale promos


Running a store and cafe is lot of work, and requires a lot of promotion.

We did our best to make sure the BrainHackr communication popped and stood out from the crowd.

Branding evolution

Tabletoppers of Adelaide

A separate subbranding for BrainHackr’s online community of gamers.


Over the course of 5 years there was need for a lot of promotional merchandise. We designed everything from dice to coffee cups.