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A rehash of #hashtags

Hashtags have been around for so long that they are now a uniquitous aspect of the Internet, but they weren’t always so. This week is the anniversary of the first ever hashtag use on Twitter. Way back on August 23rd, 2007, Chris Messina proposed using the pound sign as a way of grouping conversations. It […]

Get ready for Ask A Curator day!

Ask a Curator Day is an annual event held on Twitter, dedicated to giving the public direct access to the expertise of curators and other experts from GLAM organisations all over the world. Taking the form of a worldwide Q&A session, this is the public’s chance to find out everything they’ve always wanted to know, […]

Keeping your WordPress site safe and secure

So you’ve gotten a website built, then what? In my career I have had the responsibility to clean up and disinfect many WordPress sites and it’s never a fun (or quick) job. Rather than having to pay someone to clean up your website after an incident keep security front of mind with with these simple […]

Tips for a better FAQ page

Yesterday I found myself writing questions for an FAQ section on a new website. It’s always interesting writing questions for an FAQ section on a site that hasn’t been launched yet. They aren’t so much frequently asked questions, but questions we are expecting to be asked. So, I don’t know, EFAQ? Questions we expect you […]