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Before the Poppy: Celebrating Violet Day 2015

Before the poppy and Remembrance Day came the violet, and the aptly named Violet Day.¬†Today is the centenary of the first Violet Day, held on July 2nd 1915. The History I have to thank Catherine from History SA for educating me on this one. Knowledge that I’ve since passed on to others (including my inquisitive […]

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Branding the ex-X-Men

While glamorous, a career as an X-Man doesn’t exactly pay much.¬†Overtime and risk of injury is high, along with the ever present risk of being brainwashed by a super-villain or ending up in a government sanctioned mutant prison. This has led to some of the heroes branching out on their own endeavours.  

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RSB Policies and Procedures

The Royal Society for the Blind needed a new home for their policies and procedures. RSB QA is designed to provide access to policies and procedures to the RSB’s 160 employees and 6000 volunteers.