We have years of experience in running workshops and training sessions for all sorts of organisations.

  • One-on-one training post-website launch
  • Dedicated training workshops for teams
  • Beginners guide to accessibility for content managers
  • Creative thinking and brainstorming facilitation through Design Thinking
  • Community workshops for museums and small businesses

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Creative thinking and brainstorming

We use a variety of tools to encourage creative thinking and get your brain moving.

When brainstorming and creative thinking you have to keep your brain loosey goosey, and we can help that happen. We use tools like story dice, thinking putty and games to get you in the right mindset for coming up with great ideas.

Accessibility for content managers

Accessibility is one of the most important factors of modern websites, yet it’s something few people think about.

We regularly run workshops on creating accessible content for social networks and for use on websites. We discuss accessibility best practice and things to keep in mind when creating content. We also show you lots of great tools to make creating accessible content a breeze.