Living in Port

Living in Port is a website and a touchscreen installation built for the South Australian Maritime Museum.

Through historic images and local stories learn about Port Adelaide’s history, major landmarks, colourful characters and significant events.

Visitors used the slider images to see how the landscape and buildings have changed.


The Living in Port display at the South Australian Maritime Museum

The original Living in Port was a touchscreen installation installed in the Port Adelaide Visitors Centre.

Designed to promote the Living in Port mobile app, the screen included 12 locations. The screen was later installed in the South Australian Maritime Museum.

In 2020 the interactive was relaunched as a website.

There was a focus on mobile optimisation so that people could use it on their phones while out in Port Adelaide.

We also sought ways to add information in for locations, and link it to the History Trust of South Australia’s other websites.

The website will continue to grow with more locations to be added, and images and stories from the State History collection.