In This Place

The interactives we built for In This Place helped to tell the stories of the site.

In This Place is a history of the Migration Museum site. The land that the Migration Museum stands on has housed the Adelaide’s Destitute Asylum, a Lying-in home for expectant mothers, and a lab used by the SA Government Department of Chemistry.


Screens that tell family stories in detail, and in tandem

4 screens were installed that told the stories of the Williams, Worley, Hargrave, and McNair families. Each family had rich histories that encompassed multiple locations and a myriad of events.

While telling the family stories, any significant objects, places or events were linked so readers could tap in to find more information.

Telling the story of daily life … and death, in the 1900s

A big part of In This Place was showing how people lived and died while in government care in the 19th century. Life & Death was a data rich screen that focused on statistics and charts that helped break down what life was like for people in care.

The evolution of the site on paper…

The site has had so many uses by different groups over the years, it is remarkable to see how the walls have changed. In this interactive we were able to show the layout of the site at different points, and even allowed visitors to select two different dates to compare the differences.