Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Museum

The Embroiderers’ Guild of SA Museum has a collection of over 2000 objects, all of which can now be explored on their new website.

Funded by the History Trust of South Australia, the website provides a simple way to explore the museum’s collection and impressive research projects.


An online collection made for researchers, curious explorers, and other embroiderers.

We spent time with the museum team to make sure the collection data was being presented clearly and in a technically appropriate way. When viewing an object, visitors can click to view objects:

  • From the same country
  • From the same time period
  • Of the same type (aprons, napkins, etc)
  • Made using the same technique

A history of exhibitions reaching back to 1987.

The website houses an archive of the museum’s exhibitions right back to 1987, complete with exhibition notes and listings of objects displayed. We love seeing the curators’ work being presented again, and hope to see lots of new exhibitions added in coming years.

The Embroidered Signatures Project is a catalogue of over 150 South Australian objects bearing in excess of 37,000 names or signatures.

The website allows for easy exploration of this catalogue. Visitors can explore collections, regions, or even search for specific names. Many names appear on multiple objects, so clicking on a name will even bring up a list of other objects the same person signed!