Adelaide Holocaust Museum

The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Education Centre is one of Adelaide’s newest museums.

We worked with the fabulous staff at the museum to develop the videos present throughout the gallery, and on a brand new website to help further their educational outreach.


AHMSEC’s website

AHMSEC’s website needed to be easy to use and respectful of the content that AHMSEC focuses on.

Survivor stories

The curators at AHMSEC have put a lot of work into collecting the stories of South Australian Holocaust survivors. The Survivor Stories section of the website currently houses 6 of those stories, and will soon be home to hundreds.

Video screens

We produced a series of videos to feature in the gallery space. These videos consisted of text and archival photos and film footage on a range of topics. Our role was to design the videos to visually fit in with their surroundings in the space and to edit and cut down the footage to tell the stories succinctly.

Thanks for explaining WW2 in Europe so well in 15 minutes!!!

Pauline from AHMSEC