• About Digital

David Walker

Designer and developer

Specialising in the design and development of accessible and well-designed digital solutions, David has been building websites and touch-screen interactives for 7 years.

David is an avid fan of all things relating to museums, culture and history. David’s favourite part of his work is absorbing new information while working on museum exhibits. It’s great to have a job where you can provide value and learn new things at the same time.

Adam Winston

Designer and illustrator

Adelaide born and raised, Adam mixes a lifetime of creative tendencies with an history of study in psychology, sociology and graphic design. Mashing these fields together has resulted in illustrations and designs with a playful-yet-logical rationale.

Adam is a geek and a goofball, and tends to draw inspiration from science, pop-culture, and adventures with his golden retriever, Pantone (or Pants for short).