Digital Barn’s Queensland Museum Crawl

Once a month, Adam and I get together and visit the cultural precinct in Adelaide to see all of the new exhibits. Well this month, Drew, Adam, and I were in Queensland for a very special gallery crawl.

Stop 1:
Queensland Police Museum

With our work with the South Australian Police Historical Society restarting, I knew I wanted to get to the Queensland Police Museum. This was a great and interactive space. Though the touchscreens were turned off, at least Adam got to sit on the police bike.

One thing I was surprised about with the museum (and Queensland museums in general) was how much they used QR codes! They use to be all the rage, but they’ve died out a bit over the years. The police museum had a range of QR codes that fed through to their website so visitors could get more information on the topic. This is a cost-effective solution to not having enough space on the wall, as there is virtually no limit to how much content you can add to a website.

Stop 2:
Museum of Brisbane

At the Museum of Brisbane, we were lucky enough to see The Story Tellers. This exhibit was full of stories of life in Queensland. The most striking thing about The Story Tellers was how well they themed the space. The black and white, 2D effect was really effective and immersive.

Luckily for us, we were also at the museum at just the right time to do a tour of the clock tower and get an awesome view of the city.

Stop 3:
Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum was a hive of interactivity, so that’s what I focused on here. There were some really great touchscreens that featured some nice and slick ways of presenting information and browsing.

Stop 4:
Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art

The art gallery was an impressive space, but in particular, I loved the Bush Tucker series by Rona Rubuntja. I spent nearly half my time at the gallery inspecting all of the pieces and seeing the great amount of detail in each one.






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