Our Visit to Play School

Today we visited Happy Birthday Play School: Celebrating 50 Years at the South Australian Maritime Museum. The exhibit was a fun and interactive space, with plenty to read, play with and watch.

Happy Birthday Play School celebrates Play School’s 50th birthday and shows how the show has evolved over the years. Touchscreens throughout the space show clip-shows of different Play School eras, which is great for people wanting to jump straight into the era that is most nostalgic for them.

Of course, a highlight was that the exhibit is full of objects used on the show. All of the toys were featured, but also the larger items such as the rocket clock and those most holiest of windows.

The exhibit runs until March 29th, 2019. Find out more about it on the Maritime Museum’s website.

A personal highlight was seeing Big Ted, a hero of mine back when I was a little David.

There are more photos from the exhibit below, but first, here are some cool facts about Play School…

? The first colour episode of Play School was broadcast on June 28, 1976.

? Little Ted was the first Play School star to get a spin-off show. Little Ted’s Big Adventure aired for the first time in 2012.

? Benita Collings has appeared in the highest number of episodes. Since 1969 she has recorded over 400 episodes of Play School.

? The original Little Ted disappeared in 1973 and was never seen again, forcing producers to find a replacement Little Ted.

? The song Bananas in Pyjamas was first used on the program in 1976.

? Play School is the second longest-running children’s show in the world, behind Blue Peter from the UK.






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