Wendell The Wendigo

Filled with gorgeous illustrations and a brilliant message that you might not even notice, Wendell the Wendigo is an instant classic. It’s a children’s book about choosing an outfit, using gender neutral pronouns, and having your friends for dinner.

Written and illustrated by Joy Yang, my favourite part about Wendell The Wendigo is that it shows how easy it is to use gender neutral pronouns. There are many reasons to get into the habit of using gender-neutral pronouns, and writing this straight into a children’s book is a great way of showing how to do it.

Gender neutral pronouns allow you to speak to (and about) people without making incorrect assumptions based on how they look or act. Using gender-neutral pronouns allows you to include all people when you speak, and encourages others to do the same.

A side-note for typography fans, check out the massive difference when Joy swapped out the text in the book for handlettered type. The next typography that came after the campaign finished was a great final touch for an already awesome book 🙂

Check out below for a few more of the awesome illustrations from Wendell the Wendigo, and when you’re done make sure to follow Joy on Instagram.


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