Life and Death

Life and Death includes audio, images and infographics that give users a statistical look inside of the State care institutions. This interactive is split into the four themes of The Bread Line, Moral and Physical Contagion, Daily Life and State Children.

Family stories

A large part of the exhibition tells the stories of some of the families that interacted with the State care institutions on the site. Four families are profiled through these interactives. Each family story is told with the help of photos, documents and other rich media.

The Site’s Evolution

The land that the Migration Museum resides on has changed a lot since the first structure was built in the 1830s. This interactive enables visitors to see how the plans for the site have changed, along with photos so they can see what the buildings looked like at different points in history.

All written content for the interactives was written by curators at the Migration Museum. Images and other media are from various sources and are all credited within the interactives.

Exhibition space was designed by Mulloway Studios.

In This Place


The Migration Museum’s new gallery tells the history of the various institutions that were housed on the site since the 1830s.

The gallery has a heavy digital focus, with three different interactives developed, and a total of seven touchscreens in the space.

The In This Place gallery won an award for “Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout” at the 2017 Museums & Galleries National Awards.