Where do you want to take your furry friend today? Tails off the leash can help you find the perfect park.

Tails off the leash is a directory of all of the off-leash dog parks in South Australia. Each park is slightly different, some have unique play features, some are larger and some have more natural flora. These differences make it quite beneficial for your dog to travel to different parks. Variety is the spice of life after all, and that counts for canines too.


When it comes to anything animal related photography is your greatest asset. Part of publicity of Tails off the leash was a photography campaign, showing up at dog parks with the camera and enabling people to download high quality photographs of their dogs through the website.

Social networking

Part of the project involved the creation of various social networking assets to encourage sharing and participation through Facebook. In addition to the Facebook integration through the website, a series of graphics were created to highlight parks. A social media strategy was also created to dictate when and what should be posted to the various networks.

Tails off the leash

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