From time to time myself and a designer friend come up with exercises to flex our creative muscles. This week our challenge was to design logos for the businesses the X-Men may have run if they were no longer X-Men.

While glamorous, a career as an X-Man doesn’t exactly pay much. Overtime and risk of injury is high, along with the ever present risk of being brainwashed by a super-villain or ending up in a government sanctioned mutant prison. This has led to some of the heroes branching out on their own endeavours.

Warren Worthington III

Angel Charities, founded by ex-X-Man Warren Worthington III (A.K.A. Angel) delivers food and medical supplies to needy mutants and non-mutants around the world, as well as financing various welfare and social good organisations.

Jean-Paul Beaubier

Former athlete and notable gay member of the X-Men, it was only natural that upon leaving the group Jean-Paul Beaubier (A.K.A. Northstar) would go into the philanthropic sector with a series of gyms and sporting clubs that help and encourage gay youth in sports.

Ororo Munroe

Ororo Munroe (A.K.A. Storm), at one point or another she’s been a god, thief, queen, and … gardener.

It is the last one that Ororo chose to focus on, bringing gardens and oases to even the harshest areas of her homeland through Oasis.